Just can’t say enough about Dr. Fortin and Melissa. Dr Fortin is always up to date on the latest techniques and always available for any questions. Melissa is so pleasant and efficient in what she does. We are happy to have found them!

– Linwood S.


– Rob B.

Amazing. Lower back pain, SI joint pain. Thor and pulse treatment and I have no more pain. I plan to go once a week for a few weeks to pulse for maintenance.

– Nancy R.

Dr Fortin Is very knowledgeable and always gives the best patient in customer service. I am so appreciative for all of the technology and wholistic health resources that she has brought to our community.

– Cathy E.

The treatment is always relaxing and the chronic pain subsides after an hour or so. Also, the smooth muscle in my back is visibily softer after a treatment. I feel better physically and emotionally after visitiing the Re YOU venation office.

– Nancy B.

I was very impressed with the homework that was done by Dr. Fortin and her staff prior to my initial visit. It was very gratifying to deal with this level of professionalism.

– Fredrick K.

Dr. Fortin’s approach has resulted in significant improvement of our overall health and increased energy for our family members including our 89 mother. Her treatment modalities are incredible, and have reduced or fully eliminated pain and symptoms for our four family members of with various issues. With the exception of long-term neuropathy condition for mom, the relief has been immediate. Mom reports increased feeling in her legs and feet and is walking much better, with a longer and steadier gait and loves PEMF.

– Cathy K.

Dr. Fortin has changed my life. After years of constant lower back pain and unsuccessful spinal surgery, her treatments have succeeded in mitigating my pain, something that years of physical therapy, spinal injection and occasional pain killers failed to ameliorate. She offers a holistic approach to therapy, and the results are incredible. Dr. Fortin is impressive beyond words, has excellent credentials and experience, and takes plenty of time with her patients to ensure that they fully understand their treatment and the underlying issues being treated. I recommend her highly.

– Joel R.

Dr. Lisa Fortin has changed my life. I am able to do so much more and loving life. Thank you for bringing this new technology to Northern Michigan.

– Terri N.

Dr. Fortin is not only extremely knowledgable on cutting edge therapies, but one of the kindest physicians and people I’ve ever met. I saw her recently to treat a hand injury and left her office blown away. My hand is now almost completely better after weeks of discomfort…highly recommend.

– Blake B.

I went to see Dr. Fortin to check out the PEMF equipment. I did a brief session then went back for a full session again just to try it out. A few days later I realized that I was no longer having difficulty sleeping on either side as my hips were no longer sensitive. Then I sent my husband to Dr. Fortin because he was having hip problems and we were leaving for a trip hiking the rain forests. I thought he was not going to be a happy camper with that hip. He had three sessions with Dr. Fortin before leaving for our trip and he had no problem with his right hip throughout the entire trip. PEMF is the future treatment of our health concerns. We need to stop being medicated and start trusting physicians again and the medical community. We need to say a big NO to big pharma companies….. ….well Dr. Fortin is where to go for your health issues. Dr. Fortin is the one to trust for your health I can assure you….

– Dr. M. Teri D.

I had a foot injury that has kept me in pain for about five years. Five different doctors I visited had been unsuccessful in relieving the pain. I underwent two laser treatments from Dr. Fortin and the pain was gone and has not returned. Thank you, Dr. Fortin.

– Joann W.

I am so happy to have been able to come in and learn about the amazing ways to help and restore your body without being embracive and most importantly non medicated alternatives. The treatment I got was the thor and I walked out feeling more energized and NOT in pain! So thank you

– Jody B.