“I had a very unusual situation with a torn meniscus and a ruptured Baker’s Cyst. The pain was unbearable! Dr. Fortin treated my pain and inflammation with the red laser technique and repaired the torn meniscus with stem cell therapy. The recovery time was quicker than I could have imagined.” – L. Logue

Repair, regenerate, and thrive…so you can fuel your own mission!

ReYouvenate has been offering advanced regenerative medicine techniques since 2017. You’re in the very best hands at our clinic because Dr. Fortin is a Board Certified radiologist with fellowship training in intervention and procedures. Due to her extensive clinical experience, Dr. Lisa uses ultrasound guidance during every injection to ensure proper needle placement and maximum comfort and safety.

Our most common regenerative medicine techniques include stem cells, exosomes, PRP, and peptides. Each technique initiates repair from the cellular level. Since your entire body is made up of cells, the more you improve your cellular health, the more optimized your entire body becomes.

With regenerative medicine, the body is prompted to accelerate repair through a number of different mechanisms, including increased blood flow, improved lymphatic drainage, decreased inflammation, and optimized cell-to-cell communication. These benefits accelerate your body’s natural healing process–so you can get your life back as soon as possible!

Depending upon your unique goals, we may recommend one or a combination of regenerative medicine techniques to optimize your health…

  • Stem Cell (Cellular) Therapy: Stem Cell Therapy stimulates your body to heal itself. They are injected (using ultrasound guidance) directly at your source of pain. Stem cell therapy can reduce pain and improve joint function and stability. Also used to address signs of aging, it’s a wonderful alternative to Botox and fillers for facial rejuvenation of fine lines and wrinkles. With little to no downtime needed for this minimally invasive procedure, you may feel better leaving our office than you did when you arrived.*
  • PRP Therapy: PRP injections may be recommended by Dr. Fortin if you’ve experienced an injury or if you have a degenerative condition. PRP boosts cellular repair and assists the body in creating newer, healthier tissues. It’s a beneficial alternative to surgery that can create a significant reduction in pain with no associated downtime for recovery. PRP may be the perfect service for you if you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, muscle injury, bone fractures, and aged or damaged skin.
  • Exosome (Decellularized) Therapy: Due to aging, chronic disease, or genetic disorders, the communication of our cells can become disrupted. Exosomes can reverse this problem and optimize the performance of our cells. Exosomes are signaling molecules that provide cells with all of the information they need to stimulate successful healing. They are used alone or in conjunction with stem cell therapy to catalyze natural healing and improve many functions of aging, such as skin elasticity, hormonal imbalances, and pain.
  • Peptides: Peptides are the building blocks of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. They promote tissue repair, improve muscle strength, and are useful in facial rejuvenation and stimulation of hair growth. Peptides have gained a lot of popularity recently for being a cutting-edge regenerative therapy for accelerated healing.

* Individual results may vary.
While some patients notice an improvement almost immediately, the greatest benefits from the procedure is typically 3-6 months after.

Disclaimer: Stem Cell and Exosome therapies are constantly being researched and developed, with many promising results. However, no cellular therapies are widely considered standard practice as of today. No service offered by ReYouvenate is intended as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for educational and informational purposes only, and we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any of our services on any one individual. Results will vary for each patient. It is vital that each potential patient do their own research based on the options we provide during consultation so that they can make an informed decision. Any reference to celebrities or research institutions does not imply an endorsement or relationship by either party. The information is used for educational purposes only.


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Stem Cell and Exosome Therapy Q & A

What Happens During Stem Cell or Exosome Therapy?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Fortin will discuss your stem cell and exosome therapy options and formulate an individualized plan. The appointment time for the procedure will be between 1 and 2.5 hours. Dr. Fortin is a Board Certified Radiologist with over a decade of experience in image-guided procedures. She performs ultrasound guided injections to ensure proper needle placement and improve safety of the procedure.

What Are The Benefits Of Stem Cell and/or Exosome Therapy?

During the procedure, Dr. Fortin takes potent regenerative cells or their signalling molecules and injects them under ultrasound guidance directly into the area of desired healing.

The stem cells or exosomes are often injected along with PRP. This regenerative medicine therapy contains growth factors and signalling molecules combined with advanced supportive properties to restore tissue to healthy functioning. Little to no downtime is needed and the procedure is minimally invasive

Potential Benefits From Stem Cell or Exosome Therapy

  • Improved energy
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Increased stamina
  • Enhanced mood and mental acuity
  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Improved joint stability
  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced age spots
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • A firm, young appearance

What Conditions May Stem Cell Therapy Address?

This regenerative modality may help with:

  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chron’s disease
  • COPD
  • Bone and soft tissue injuries

PRP Injections Q & A

What Happens During PRP Therapy?

During your PRP session, a small amount of blood is drawn, like a routine blood test. The blood sample is placed into a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet poor plasma.

How Can PRP Help Me?

PRP boosts cellular repair and helps your body to recreate newer, healthier tissues. PRP therapy may help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Internal derangement of the knee
  • Muscle injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Hair Loss
  • Aged skin

When Will PRP Start Working?

Your powerful regenerative cells jump into action as the PRP enters your body. But it takes time for cells and tissues to heal. Some patients express feeling a bit more pain during the first week or two after their injection due to the body’s natural inflammatory response to the procedure.

After inflammation subsides and tissues start healing, you should start noticing an improvement within four to six weeks.

Dr. Fortin lets you know how long it will likely take to achieve the best results for your specific condition. If you don’t get the relief you need with your first injection, you can have the PRP process repeated several weeks later as sometimes required

Are PRP Injections Painful?

It’s normal to feel some pinching or burning during your PRP injection, although the final injection process only lasts a few seconds. Dr. Fortin utilizes local anesthesia prior to the injection.

Some areas are more sensitive than others, and everyone has a different pain tolerance level. If you know you’re sensitive to injections, let Dr. Fortin know before getting started.

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