Understand All Your Options with ReYOUvenate’s Know Your Options Consult

The ReYOUvenate Know Your Options Consult acts as your regenerative medicine second opinion. We can take a look at any diagnoses, imaging and medical records and provide you insight into what regenerative therapies might look like to help you treat your specific condition or area of concern. The Know Your Options Consult is your opportunity to fully understand your options for treatment beyond medication and surgery.

 As a board certified radiologist, Dr. Fortin is more than qualified to review your imaging and will take the time to show you any areas of concern helping you understand where the problem lies and why you are experiencing symptoms.

At ReYOUvenate, we help clients achieve a high quality of life by first taking the time to deeply understand your specific condition or pain, as well as your goals for your health and well-being. All treatment plans are designed to specifically target the condition and help you achieve your health goals.

The Know Your Options Consult costs $500 and performs a deep dive into your medical records during a one hour consultation to provide clarity on what a regenerative treatment path might look like for you. ReYOUvenate’s Know Your Options Consult is perfect for clients testing the waters to see if regenerative medicine is the right choice for them. 

Additionally, if you decide to proceed with a highly specific regenerative treatment plan to address your concerns discussed in the Know Your Options Consult, the consultation fee can be applied towards the cost of the procedure, or applied towards The Founders Club, ReYOUvenate’s concierge-based annual program designed for those that are serious about taking control of their health.

The Founders Club

To request a Know Your Options Consult, just check the Know Your Options Consult box when filling out the form to request an appointment 

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