Prepare for all of your friends to ask, “How do you look and act so young?”

ReYouvenate has unlocked the Fountain of Youth! We’ll help you reverse your biological age by optimizing your cellular health. When we optimize your health on the inside, you can begin to radiate with vitality on the outside. With anti-aging regenerative medicine, you can regenerate new cells so your skin looks tighter and more radiant than ever.

Here are some of the advanced therapies we use to help you look and feel younger…

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) utilizes your own blood plasma to regenerate new cells, increase collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote hair growth in hair loss patients. It can be applied topically to fine lines or it can be injected to a specific area for concentrated healing.
  • Regenerative Medicine and Exosome (Decellularized) Therapy cause your body to rejuvenate naturally. As people age, the production and potency of healthy cells decline. Our therapies provide concentrated signaling molecules to direct your body to repair, replenish and promote renewed cells, as well as increase collagen production. It’s a wonderful alternative to Botox and fillers for facial rejuvenation of fine lines and wrinkles.  For aesthetics, you may see a reduction in blemishes, dark circles, and fine lines and combat an uneven skin tone so you can look in the mirror and feel like you’re glowing! There is a growing body of evidence supporting topical exosome therapy for hair loss or facial rejuvenation.
  • ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet by L-Nutra, Inc. is offered through ReYouvenate. This is the first product that has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for optimizing human healthspan, the length of time that a person is healthy!
  • PEMF improves the growth and repair of tissues in mammals. It sends pulsed electromagnetic fields through your body that re-energize your cells. When you optimize your cellular health internally, you optimize your appearance outwardly.
  • Photobiomodulation stimulates collagen production to rejuvenate tissues and skin for a glowing, youthful appearance. It also supercharges your cells with the natural light they need to produce more energy. The more energy our cells make, the better our bodies can feel, heal, and perform.


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Anti-Aging Q & A

What should I expect during my anti-aging program?

Dr. Fortin offers programs to improve the health of all parts of your cells, optimizing the cell membrane and strengthening your mitochondria — the cells’ “powerhouses.”

One area of focus is ATP deficiency restoration. Many exposures impair mitochondrial function, including many prescribed medications. When these organelles are suboptimally functioning, your cellular ATP (energy) is impaired with a trickle up effect felt by you as fatigue and impaired healing.

During a formal consultation, you will explore anti-aging options and discuss what is best for you.
Dr. Fortin focuses on total cell health and recommends one or a combination of the following therapies:

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): After performing a simple blood draw, the platelet rich portion of blood is separated out through a series of centrifugations containing growth factors and signaling molecules that promote tissue healing. Dr. Fortin utilizes the PRP solution for topical application along with microderm needling for fine lines/wrinkles.
  • Precision Image Guided Regenerative Medicine and Exosome Therapy for Anti-Aging benefits: Cells and their signaling molecules, Exosomes, have anti-inflammatory properties, which promote the production of energy, and contribute to improved cellular recycling. Whether applied topically for fine lines, wrinkles, or hair loss, or internally through precision image guided regenerative techniques to combat a more advanced state of degeneration, the therapies signal to your cells to improve their function. The mode of delivery is individualized and will be discussed in consultation.
  • Detox Program: When toxins build up in our body, our cells energy is focused on combating the damage. The damage may manifest as accelerated aging, or contribute to degenerative disease. Depending on your detox needs, the program could range from a one week detox support program to The True Cellular DetoxTM three month program.
  • Advanced medical technologies such as PEMF and photobiomodulation: In use since the 60’s, PEMF has numerous benefits, targeting health at the cellular level. A comprehensive 4 year research study was performed at NASA on PEMF confirming the efficacy of electromagnetic waves on improving life cycle and function of cells. PEMF therapy shows great success in addressing various conditions and helping people feel better. Photobiomodulation is quickly emerging in the medical field for accelerating the healing process, improving nitric oxide levels, and inducing collagen formation in the skin for a more vibrant skin appearance. Both therapies are painless. PEMF sessions range from 30 minutes to one hour. Photobiomodulation sessions are 20 minutes.

For maximum benefits, you may combine treatments and Dr. Fortin will help determine an individualized plan for you at the time of your consultation.

How do anti-aging programs work?

What seems like magic on the surface is the result of enhanced cellular health. Cellular rejuvenation does more than just enhance your appearance; it improves your entire life from the inside out.

Exercise, stress, toxins and everyday life wear out the cells that make your body function.

In 2013, the journal Cell assembled a group of researchers to find out what happens inside our bodies that causes age-related changes and declines. The team was comprised of scientists studying different aspects of aging. They reviewed all the existing literature on aging and wrote an overview paper titled, “The Hallmarks of Aging.” They categorized aging into 9 hallmarks:

  1. Telomere Shortening
  2. DNA Damage
  3. Gene Expression Errors
  4. Proteins become Less Functional
  5. Cells don’t die when they are supposed to, and become pro-inflammatory
  6. The body’s energy production machinery (mitochondria) malfunctions
  7. Inefficient cell communication
  8. Imbalanced Metabolism
  9. Stem Cell Exhaustion

The important thing to note about the 9 hallmarks, is that they are all happening at the Cellular Level.

Programs offered at ReYouvenate reinvigorate your cells and the energy producing organelles in the cell, the mitochondria, which play an essential role in aging and several age-related diseases.

Unfortunately, as people age, the production of stem cells also diminishes. The stem cells are usually created and distributed from the bone marrow but over time the marrow production decreases and it no longer releases as many stem cells as it used to. In addition, the potency of stem cells decreases with age. This reduction in circulating stem cells and a reduction of their potency are the main reasons why injuries and illnesses take much longer to heal as you age. The fewer stem cells in your body, the fewer cells capable of repairing and rejuvenating your body naturally.

Our anti-aging therapy is more than skin deep. By supporting our natural stem cells, rejuvenation can occur from within and address much more than the outward effects of aging.

When will I see results from my anti-aging procedure?

No matter which type of procedure you choose, it takes time for your body to regenerate new cells. You might have some initial inflammation, especially with PRP, but as cells and healthy tissues develop in the following weeks, you will gradually start to notice smoother-looking skin. Outcomes from regenerative medicine procedures are typically seen 3-6 months afterward and often have a prolonged effect.

Can PRP improve fine lines and wrinkles?

A 2011 study published in the Annals of Dermatology reported that areas of skin cells treated with a platelet-rich plasma solution were more likely to have a higher concentration of collagen, a naturally occurring connective tissue.

Boosting collagen levels from the inside out helps fill deep grooves and wrinkles, so you look more youthful.

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* Individual results may vary.


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