“I experienced hair loss at a pretty high rate. I saw Dr. Fortin for this and decided to try PRP. The first treatment completely STOPPED the hair loss! The subsequent treatments started my hair growing back and it strengthened the hair I had. My hair stylist noticed after a couple of months that new hair was growing and in and in some places my hair had doubled in density! I’m sold!” – Jan T.

We’ll help you grow thicker, fuller hair–even if it’s been thinning for a while.

If you’re lacking the confidence you once embodied when you had a full head of hair, we can help you reclaim it. ReYouvenate will help you take the right steps to regrow your hair (and keep it for good).

During your first appointment, we will evaluate the cause of your hair thinning. For some patients–especially women–blood work may be done so we can gain a better understanding of hormone levels and overall health before proceeding with a specialized plan. Oftentimes, hair loss is a side effect of stress, hormonal imbalance, underlying health issues, or a specific medication you may be taking. The process of regrowing your hair can then begin immediately. Healthy hair implies health, youth and vitality in our society. Let us help you stop the shedding and regrow your hair today.

We offer a number of non-surgical hair loss services at ReYouvenate, specialized to your personal needs:

  • Photobiomodulation or low level laser therapy can reactivate your hair growth. We use handheld devices to emit light at specific wavelengths. Results of studies on photobiomodulation for androgenetic alopecia suggest that the fraction of hair follicles in the anagen phase (growth phase) is increased.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an all natural, minimally invasive option for those with hair loss. We may inject the PRP into the scalp or apply it topically after microderm needling to stimulate your hair follicles to function normally again. The growth factors contained within platelets act on stem cells in the hair follicles and stimulate development of new blood vessels. Platelet Rich Plasma has multiple actions at the hair follicle, leading to alterations in the hair cycle and improvement in hair growth.
  • Peptide Therapy is a relatively new approach to hair loss. Peptides and proteins are both made of amino acids. The only difference is the number of amino acids that each is made of. Proteins typically contain 50 or more amino acids, while a peptide is only a short chain of amino acids, between two to fifty. When peptides are applied, they signal changes in cell behavior, stimulate hair follicle growth, promote natural hair production, and may even result in improvement of hair color.

With our advanced regenerative procedures, there is absolutely hope to regrow your hair and keep it for good.


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