“I knew there was something wrong with my health, but I was absolutely shocked when I found out that I was classified in the first percentile of the worst cellular health for my age.

From that moment on, I became obsessed with finding a better way. ReYouvenate is a culmination of the regenerative medicine therapies that helped me get my life back, and it can do the same for you!” – Dr. Lisa Fortin

Meet Dr. Lisa Fortin. After completing her undergraduate studies summa cum laude in Biotechnology at Ferris State University, Dr. Fortin spent a year working in neurosurgery research at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and became a published researcher. She developed a strong foundation regarding the most intricate processes of the human body at the cellular level and went on to earn her medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit.

Dr. Fortin served as Chief Resident during her five-year Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Henry Ford Hospital. It was there that she developed her passion for anatomy and integrating complex issues to help patients overcome health problems. Dr. Fortin finished her training at Harvard with an Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. She then practiced diagnostic and interventional radiology for another five years in Petoskey, Cheboygan, and Gaylord, Michigan.

After years of working in the traditional vein of medicine, Dr. Lisa began to experience brain fog, pain from underlying chronic inflammation, and extreme fatigue. As the Chief Radiologist at a renowned hospital and a mother of four children, she knew she had to help herself–or else she wouldn’t be able to help anyone else.

Dr. Lisa underwent many tests and trials, none of which were able to provide relief. At the young age of 38, she discovered that her biological age was 59-years old; this is when she was classified in the first percentile of the worst cellular health for her age. At that moment, she decided to heal herself using advanced regenerative medicine techniques.

When Dr. Lisa started practicing regenerative medicine, she was amazed by the results! In less than two years, she reversed her biological age by 20 years, eliminated brain fog, and alleviated all of her painful symptoms. She also helped her husband recover from his traumatic brain injury and her mother eliminate crippling back pain.

Dr. Lisa now serves as the pioneer for regenerative medicine in Petoskey. She was passionate about becoming the first doctor to open an advanced healing center in the area so that she–along with other health experts–could transform traditional healthcare by offering non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical recovery options.

When she isn’t practicing medicine, Dr. Lisa loves to explore pure Michigan with her husband Lance, their four kiddos, three dogs, cat, and mini horse (although the mini horse can’t fit in their minivan)!

All in all, Dr. Lisa and her team are committed to helping you thrive naturally. If you are searching for options to manage your symptoms so they don’t manage you, book an appointment now.


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